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At Free State Art House we have a passion for one thing: art. And we truly admire those great people who create, make, or evolve it. We are so passionate about art and artists we have invested our talents into building a business whose mission it is to support artists with design, technology, and marketing. This is our passion and dream come true.


Kyle Batson: Tempo Moderato

Free State Art House is pleased to present a brand new collection of photographs by Kyle Batson. In this collection we see the busy and soulful streets of Mérida, Mexico. These images carry the viewer to this bustling city and engage the people in the photographs.

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Kyle Batson photo
Kyle Batson photo
Kyle Batson photo

Who We Are

The dynamic duo of Nan and Kyle began working together seven years ago at a small start up. The pair led several small teams with Nan on the business side and Kyle on the technical side. These teams, collaborating together, were responsible for insuring that the tactical aspects of a project were executed smoothly. Through all the challenges of those projects a sincere respect for each other's skills formed and when they both left the startup they continued in their desire to collaborate on creative and challenging projects.

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